Kartini a fast passenger ship model

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Technical detail is the same miniature miniature ship before, only different is the size, to miniature size of this ship is smaller than the previous. Despite the smaller size but the details remain visible,

self propelled barge with a cargo of coal

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same as the previous model Self propelled barge model, this ship model is decorated with a cargo of coal, as it actually functions. Same as the previous ship This ship has the technical detail as follows:

OA Length: 110 M
Beam MLD: 26 M
Depth: 6:50 M
Draft: 15.60 M
Speed: 9 M
Main Engines: 3 x 450 HP
Propulsion: 3 x SRP 200 A

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Hi-speed passenger ship models

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Hi-speed passenger ship Called Kartini 1, is a fast passenger ship used for tourism purposes. The ship was operating in Karimun Java Ocean Park. Technical details are as follows:

Overall Length: 26.55 M
Breadth: 6:40 M
Draft: 1.60 M
Max Speed: 24 Knot
Engine: 2 x 830 HP
Passenger: 168
Crew: 6

Miniaturindo has made a ship model of this Hi-speed passenger ship.

self-propelled barge model

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barge model
Miniaturindo has completed the manufacture of self-propelled barge model, the ship model is made in the form of mock-ups to show the inside of the ship in detail. Self propelled barge is a type of ship used to transport coal.

This ship has the technical detail as follows:

OA Length: 110 M
Beam MLD: 26 M
Depth: 6:50 M
Craft: 15.60 M
Speed: 9 M
Main Engines: 3 x 450 HP
Propulsion: 3 x SRP 200 A

this ship model is made in several types and scales, see the other image here : Click Here

Oil tanker ship in split mode

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This is a miniature oil tanker ship in split mode, the model used by the sailing school as a tool for studying the introduction of the ship to their students, because these students will be working on the ship.

By splitting the model, the students will know the details of machinery and ship design as a whole so that they understand the function of these parts.

very experienced in producing ship models like this.

General Cargo ship

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This Ship model is deliberately made in a split model, the goal is as a learning material for students school of cruise. Because this is a miniature boat sailing orders from the school.

with the help of this model, students can learn about the technical and function of the actual ship.

Miniaturindo make the model of General Cargo ship in detail and scale-like real ships.

Purse seiners

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Purse seiners are the most important and most effective vessels to catch aggregating species near the surface. The vessel surrounds the shoal with a deep curtain of netting and then the bottom of the net is pursed (closed) underneath the shoal by hauling a wire which runs from the vessel through rings on the bottom of the net and back to the vessel. Searching for shoals and assessing the size and direction of movement of it are the most important part of the fishing operation

Equipment Deck Equipment Typical equipment of purse seiners consists usually of a power block or triple roller (triplex) and storage equipment for hauling and stowing the net aboard. On larger vessels the fish is pumped on board while on smaller vessels the use of brailers is more common. On boats using small seine nets all operations are generally performed by hand.

Fish Detection Equipment On the more advanced purse seiners electronic equipment such as different types of echo sounders and sonar, and track plotters are used to: support the search for schools; assess the size and movement of the school; and to keep in touch with the school whilst surrounding it with the seine.

Pictures here is a Purse Seiner vessel model made by miniaturindo, ship model specialist

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